Delicious Dark Myths

by Robbers

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This album was recorded over a span of 2 months starting in mid- November 2011, and ending mid- January 2012.
All of these songs were recorded in Brad's Basement.

All of these songs were independently budgeted and recorded without any label or Kickstarter help. If you want to make an album: bust your ass, save up and do it. Don't ask the world to do your job for you.

Thank you to my family and my friends, and thanks to everyone who has ever supported or performed with ROBBERS. Without you, I wouldn't have a reason to live.



released April 10, 2012

All songs written, arranged, produced, and performed by Andrew Accardi except Saxophone on "Grubby Smut", performed by Michael Gagliardi
All lyrics and proses by Andrew Accardi
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 recorded, and engineered by Bradley Cordaro, Mixed by Bradley Cordaro and Andrew Accardi
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 recorded, and mixed by Andrew Accardi
All songs mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Mastering
Album artwork by Andrew Accardi



all rights reserved


Robbers New York, New York

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Track Name: Does It Stink?
Make your mind up.
Stop thinking so much.
It doesn't matter who's lips your kissing.
It's just another night to keep to ourselves.

Let's go to your room.
Take off your clothes.
Lay in your bed.
Don't say a fucking word.

Trouble maker,
Don't go telling
Anybody what I'm about to do.
I have no control
Of where my hands might go.
No, I won't hurt you.
I just want to make you feel good.

Tearing at your hair,
you begin to cry.
You start screaming for help,
but no one can hear.
Track Name: Prose II
The fire of the revolving force to desire lust is ceaseless without innocence.
Track Name: Wood
The beast comes from the sea to feast on my chest.
The beast comes from the sea to feast on my chest.
With every bit of energy I've built up inside
I will feed it's children the entire nation.

The language of history suggests it's a crime
To live as you're meant to live and be who you are,
But the ancient kingdom where the soul lays at rest
Will assemble an army to defend it's homeland.

Wait, wait.
You're way too crude.
Wait, don't worry about me.
You're way too crude.

The "civilized" people with "civil" agendas
Seem to overlook cultural union.
The rainbow of colors blind provincialism
With infinite perspective and infinite wisdom.
Track Name: Prose III
We are all passionate, but have a hard time being passionate with each other.
Track Name: Handsome
Oh, my world is swindling me.
I'll live my whole life faking the american dream.
I'll chew the meat right off of the bone
And gain a few fucking pounds and waste my life a buffoon.

Why, my lover are you hiding away
From that murdering scum that shares my name?

There's a beautiful world that I've built in my mind
And for the life of me I can't decide who to invite.
Acres of acrylic paint replenish spirit.
The grass is greener, The chocolates sweeter,
And the drinks are all paid for.

Why, my lover are you hiding away
From this wonderland I've built inside of my brain?

Let me just clarify the way things are.
There are forces in this universe
Out of our control.
We analyze the shape and size
Of a boundless concept,
then we print and package and sell it
For a handsome profit.
The truth is that the songs been sung
And the book already writ,
The numbers been proven
And the film edited.
The sake of soul has been embellished through a fabrication.
It's such a sin, and I tell you now
this ain't no way to exist.
We doll ourselves up real nice
And talk with big words.
We agree to disagree
On the inevitable.
We defy each other mentally
For no good reason.
You drive me mad.
You drive me fucking insane.
Track Name: Property
Don't say you love me, babe,
And don't say you don't.
Live as that innocent element I've always known.
I want to carry you inside of my belly
And introduce you a world of infinity.

Purest ingredient in this delicious myth
Needs a spoon full of vanity to end what has no end.
My unique relationship with God is absolute.
Every waking gesture allocates the love within me.

I see you.

Some day we'll unite and our prayers will answer.
Possess lightness and harness it in our hands.
Let love live within, and be loves property.
Track Name: Prose V
To understand an infinite universe we need infinite patience.
Track Name: Hope For The Best
The ocean felt like caving inside the monolith.
My fate has been painted.
I'm inside the monolith.

You better waive your courage.

Baby, disregard me
As a picture perfect painting;
As Mona Lisa's son.
I'm nailed within a faulty frame.

I feel so righteous.
Sweet angel, give me plenty.
Your love: It better waive your confidence.

My heart was filled with fear
As the weeks were rolling by me
With no word from Washington D.C.

So I took the liberty
Of heading in your direction
With a letter wrapped
In pink and gold and green.

It didn't say much of anything
Besides that I still love you and I need you
Written in Portugese.

If you want my honesty:
My deepest darkest secrets ain't so secret
Unless you are here with me.

So, I'll wait and hope for the best.
I'll hope for you, but I doubt that we'll make it.
Track Name: Prose VI
Let the important things be important.
Track Name: Cautious Womb
I am so cautious, I'm like a raging alcoholic.
I am so cautious, I'm like a minor snorting coke lines.

My head floats up circumventing thought and soul.
Historically, we've let our culture go missing.

I'm so outrageous, I'll disassociate my being.
Insatiable girl, your fruitless temptations toward peace
Forbid me to keep my love flourishing.
Unfavoring: Our leaders rule themselves immune.

I'm so inspired, I'm universally accepting
That logic is wasted.
My intuition isolates my passion.
Track Name: Prose VII
You truly believe you have nothing to do with the way things are?
Track Name: Grubby Smut
I don't see the point in taking your hand
And posing myself as a deep romantic.
I'd rather play around with cheeky women
And drink until I can't see straight.

I've decided to enslave myself
To a warred and wasted life of artistry.
I'll paint myself alone shackled,
The way a grubby smut like I should be.

My generation's lost it's sense of hunger.
The virgin body bait's the hunter's libido.
Your naivety is pawned and hustled
With an incredibly subtle finesse.

It takes a lot of strength to lie.
It takes a lot of courage to not care.
I know now not to embrace you
Because I owe myself much more than that.

Dissolution breaks the bonds
With every single person you have met.
Your indecision keeps you still.
Your standard will corrode your love away.

I'd rather travel the world alone;
Catch a bus to Minneapolis,
Live out on the streets uptown
And leave behind the me I'm meant to be.